Soft Nanomaterials Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science



  • Naveen's paper published in Advanced Materials and highlighted on the inside front cover! Congrats!!
  • Limei received Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award!  Congrats!!
  • Dr. Singamaneni was awarded NSF CAREER award!! Congrats!
  • Dr. Singamaneni receives Dean's Faculty award for Innovation in Research, 2013! Congrats!
  • Zeynep's work on biomimetic SERS substrates was published in J. Mater. Chem. A, Congrats!
  • Limei's work on SERS-based monitoring of drug release from nanocages was published in ACS Nano, Congrats!
  • Naveen's work on Janus Au-Ag nanostructures published in Nanoscale, Congrats!
  • Kenzo's work on pATP molecular assemblies is published in Small, Congrats!
  • Naveen's work on ultrabright SERS probes (called BRIGHTs) for high resolution bioimaging published in Adv. Mater., Congrats!
  • Limei's work on bioplasmonic paper published in Analytical Chemistry! Congrats!
  • Kenzo's work on plasmonic biosensors using artificial antibodies published in Adv. Func. Mater., Congrats!
  • Naveen's work on plasmonic planet-satellite assemblies work published in Nano Letters, Congrats!!
  • Ms. Srimuvva Tadepalli and Mr. Keng-Ku Liu join the group. Welcome!​

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